Noafly offers an array of services to its members and clients that round out the value of the Noafly membership experience.

In addition to catering to its member base, Noafly also offers personalized brokerage and sales services for both the private jet and luxury yacht markets. Noafly also offers aircraft charter management and complete management services. Client owned aircraft can be left to the care of highly trained Noafly professionals and optionally incorpNoaflyted into private charter service through Noafly’s premium charter service partner. We encourage you to read more about the full scope of service and contact us for more details. We encourage you to read more about the full scope of services offered and contact us to determine which are best suited for your particular needs.

The Privilege is Ours. The Benefits of Exceptional Service, Yours.

Noafly is a unique and exclusive member’s only organization that extends well beyond the traditional concept of executive air travel. Whether for business or leisure, membership in the Noafly provides complete immersion in a luxurious and pampered travel experience. No expense is spared in securing the best of amenities and service. NOAFLY members not only enjoy unfettered access to chauffer services, priority access to exceptional watercraft, and discounted jet travel, but also access to concierge services to facilitate the handling of every possible detail regarding ones business and leisure travel plans. Contact a member consultant to learn more about our membership program and how it can be tailored to compliment your lifestyle and your specific business needs. Noafly is committed to the comfort, security and privacy of its members. Our Membership service is unique and second to none.

Noafly is an exclusive member’s only club and offer a Charter Service.

Should you be interested in a provisional Noafly experience package we urge you to contact us to have one of our member consultants coordinate a one time NOAFLY experience courtesy and walk you through the benefits of membership. The NOAFLY experience will accommodate a single round trip flight on any of our business jets to any destination in the continental US. NOTE: member rates can not be extended to the provisional member experience package, standard rates apply.

Noafly offers its members and clients two programs for aircraft management services..

The first is a management program where the client maintains the operation of the aircraft and Noafly Management « charters » the aircraft during those times when it is expected to be idle. The second is a turnkey management program where Noafly Management assumes all operations and maintenance responsibility for the aircraft. Both management scenarios are intended to provide our member/clients with the option of having their asset become a revenue generator. For more details on our management programs and the extent of the ‘charter’ option, we urge you to contact your Noafly member consultant.

Noafly offers its members and clients world class service in aircraft sales and acquisitions.

Noafly Brokerage fully services and expedites every aspect of the transaction from cost analysis to acquisition/sales agreement, through to closing and aircraft registration. With national representation and a global reach our members rest assured that our qualified team works towards the most expedient turnover possible with a focus on rigorous research, analysis and evaluation. From sourcing aircraft of the highest quality to creating maximum exposure for those we sell, Noafly Brokerage works closely with its member/clients to achieve optimal results. Contact us today to get through to our exclusive network of buyers and aviation professionals.