The Noalfy Jet Card is a simple, low-commitment way to begin enjoying the Noafly services.

How the Private Jet Card works
You buy a pre-paid card with a set number of flying hours. Cards start from just 25 flying hours – equivalent to four or five return flights in Europe – and are available for both light and
midsize jet classes.
All your flying costs are included in one easy payment.
The availability of your aircraft type is guaranteed with just 24 hours’ notice.
When you fly, only occupied flying hours are deducted from your card, plus six minutes of taxi time at each end of the flight.

The card is ideal…
If you want a shorter-term alternative to fractional jet ownership.
If you’re thinking about joining the fractional ownership programme and want to experience before making a purchase.
If you already own an aircraft, and want an on-demand, guaranteed backup jet when your aircraft is unavailable.
If you need a private jet quickly. Buying a card can be as quick as calling us today and flying tomorrow.

The Noafly Jet Card® gives you guaranteed access to the Noafly fleet in 25-hour increments.

Simply prepay for 25 hours of flight time on the aircraft of your choice1, then renew or walk away when your hours are up. There’s no long-term commitment The Noalfy Jet Card is ideal for anyone who flies under 50 hours per year, prefers a short-term commitment, or simply wants to experience what Noafly is all about.



Purchase a 25-hour Noafly Jet Card in the aircraft of your choice.


Purchase a 50-hour Noafly Jet Card in the aircraft of your choice.


Purchase a 75-hour Noafly Jet Card in the aircraft of your choice.


Purchase a 100-hour Noafly Jet Card in the aircraft of your choice.